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Aska & Nazuki is a vertical slice of a 2D Action Adventure focusing on co-operative play and a strong feeling of companionship.

Together, players explore a beautiful world and fight their way past hordes of dangerous enemies. The challenging combat encounters can only be beaten as a team and by mastering the game's combo combat system.

We wanted to make a game that captures the feeling of going on an adventure and beating the forces of darkness together with a friend, and that's what Aska & Nazuki is:

A game about two women traveling a lost world, fighting their way through hordes of enemies, descending into the dark. They will only survive if they manage to fight as a team, combining each other's strengths to offset their weaknesses. 

NOTE: This game is not a singleplayer game! It can only be played with two players on the same PC (aka Couch Co-op), using gamepads.

Aska & Nazuki was made in 2020 by 4 students as part of our studies in Game Design (BA) at DE:HIVE / HTW Berlin. It's a vertical slice, so don't expect hours of gameplay. ;)

Alex Mejda - Programming & Game Design
Cyrill Callenius - Programming & Game Design
Kristina Fitzner - 2D Art, UI & Game Design
Marlene Holly - Art, Animations, VFX


AskaAndNazuki.zip 337 MB

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