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Unbalanced is a physics-based platform defense game that emphasizes light-hearted and quirky gameplay. Waves of enemies drop onto your platform and shift the balance, try to push you off or even destroy the platform itself! Throw them off the platform, stuff them into holes to repair the damage they’ve done, or push them all off with a mighty shockwave. The next high score is just around the corner.

Development: 3 months in the 3rd semester of Game Design (B.A.) at HTW Berlin, 2018


  • Alex Mejda - System Design, Programming, Sound, Animation
  • Cyrill Callenius - Programming, System Design, UI, Sound
  • Jo Pape - Concept Design, 3D-Modeling, Animation, VFX
  • Emely Berkholz - Concept Design, Character Design, Animation, VFX

Technology: Unity, C#, Maya

Install instructions

Play with a game controller (Keyboard controls working but not documented)

This is a polished prototype created by 4 Game Design students during their 3rd semester, so while it is fun, it still has bugs and needs a lot of work, especially performance-wise. Try lowering the quality in the config window if you're experiencing low framerates. Feel free to leave feedback!


Unbalanced.zip 35 MB

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